SASB @ BGC Enrollment FAQs

Why is the collaboration between Boys & Girls Club and Career / Success Academies of South Bend imperative for the future of the community?

In collaboration with the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act outlined the following goals:

• Afford all Hoosiers equitable opportunities for lifelong learning
• Increase personal economic mobility
• Provide employers the talent to grow and diversify their workforce

These goals are aligned with the mission at Boys & Girls Club and Career & Success Academies of South Bend.

The Explore, Engage, and Experience grant funding, $4.4M from Indiana Department of Education, will provide opportunities for students at Success Academy at Boys and Girls Club to be exposed to careers of the future. 

Current occupation and future job growth data show strong demand for careers in health care, computer science, engineering, and company management and leadership.  Success Academy at Boys and Girls Club programming will champion career exploration and engagement.

Who will Success Academy at Boys and Girls Club serve?

All elementary school students, grades kindergarten through 5th grade, in South Bend and the surrounding region will have the opportunity to enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What does an average school week look like?

  • Before school programming will be provided. 
  • School will be in session from 8:00am to 2:45pm Monday through Friday.
  • Fridays will be designated for experiential learning within the community. Students will engage in project-based learning through experiences outside of the school. The foundational skills learned throughout the week will be reinforced through experiences, community events, field trips, etc. 
  • After school programming will be provided.

What does curriculum and instruction look like?

Curriculum will focus on Indiana State Standards and will be competency-based. Competency-based education includes the following:

• Students advance upon demonstrated mastery
• Competencies include explicit, measurable, transferable learning objectives that empower students
• Assessment is meaningful and a positive learning experience for students
• Students receive timely and differentiated support
• Students develop and apply a broad set of skills and dispositions 

Students will apply and enhance their learning through the community on a weekly basis.

Community data around industry needs and future job opportunities will be used to guide curriculum development. 

Scheduling will be flexible in order to give students breaks throughout the day.  Students will be able to use the gym, experience music and art, coding, etc.

How will grade levels be set up?

Grade levels will be grouped in pods: K-1, 2-3, and 4-5

Each grade will range from 22-25 students with a classroom teacher and a Youth Development Professional.

Students will have multi-age learning experiences based on their academic needs. Students will be able to work beyond their grade level or receive intervention and support if they are behind.

Who will teach and work with students?

Certified teachers will be hired. Youth Development Professionals will support classroom teachers through co-teaching. 

Community connectors will provide students with opportunities to experience real-world environments.

How will transportation work?

Parents and guardians will drop their children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. 

Is there a cost to attending Success Academy at Boys and Girls Club?

SASB at BGC is a tuition-free, public elementary school.  Students will not be charged tuition for attending the school. 

Why Charter schools?

Find out more about the benefits of charter schools here!

How to Apply to Career and Success Academy

Click here for a step by step process on how to set up your account and how to apply.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at

What is SchoolMint?

SchoolMint is an online enrollment and communication platform, working with public, charters and private schools, to make the enrollment process for parents easier, and faster.

SchoolMint offers different options, so parents can apply and register with a computer or mobile device. They can upload student documents, check application status, and even select the method in which you prefer to receive your school’s communications, by email or text.

Career and Success Academy both utilize this enrollment software to ensure security and a timely response to your student’s acceptance.

What is SchoolMint? CLICK HERE

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How long does an enrollment decision take?

**All REQUIRED paperwork must be submitted together, incomplete applications will not be processed. This includes but not limited to all attendance records, behavior logs, student IEP or 504, student test scores  etc…

Your students former school will be contacted with a records request form for ALL student records to be sent to our Enrollment Department.  All records are to be sent to or 

Once your application is completed and all paperwork submitted, it will be reviewed by the building principal and the previous school records will be requested.

What are the costs associated with enrolling?

Because we believe in removing barriers to quality education, we provide all our instruction and education at no cost to the students and families. Books, lunch, and other materials are the responsibility of the parents and students.