Set Them up for Success - Starting From Kindergarten

Starting in kindergarten our certified Success Academy teachers begin developing strong relationships with our children as we understand relationships help keep students engaged in learning, encourage best behavior, and gives students a sense of pride and belonging. When our teachers build strong relationships with students, the classroom becomes a safe learning environment where student can take risks and achieve great accomplishments.

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Academically we focus on phonics and phonemic awareness which are important pre-reading skills related to the ability to hear, identify, and play with the sounds in spoken language including rhyming and syllables. Children with strong phonological awareness skills are ready to become strong lifelong learners.

In our amazing math curriculum, our students learn about number sense. They use manipulatives to understand quantity. Number sense is the initial skill in numeracy development. Much like phonics is the key to reading development, number sense is the key to understanding math.

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Fine arts play an important part in the development in each of our kindergarten students. Each kindergarten student will have the opportunity to incorporate the arts which has many benefits. These activities will develop their cognitive, creative, social, and emotional skills, playing a large part in our students’ overall development.

Each one of our students at Success Academy receive a strong foundation in kindergarten which provides a stimulating and nurturing environment. In addition to acquiring skills and concepts, students are also encouraged to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to become inquisitive, independent lifelong learners.