Dress Code

SASB School Dress Code

SASB student dress code intentionally reflects the need to create a learning environment in which students have an attitude of dressing for success. Student dress code helps to keep the student focused on learning and avoid visual distractions too often found in today’s fashion industry. High school student dress code standards includes the below list of acceptable dress for students:


Students will wear “Docker” styled bottoms in the solid colors of navy, khaki, gray, black or brown

  • Tight fitting, sagging or baggy pants are not appropriate for the school environment
  • Shorts must be solid colored just above the knee or longer
  • Skirts must be solid colored just above the knee or longer
    • Leggings may be worn under length appropriate skirts
  • Shorts may be worn between May and October


  • Students may wear any solid colored long or short sleeved collared “polo style” or “button down” shirt
  • Students may wear school apparel in long or short sleeves
  • Students may wear athletic apparel per athletic department rules
  • Turtle necks may be worn under solid color collared “polo styled” or button down shirts or school apparel
  • Sleeveless, tight fitting, see through or mesh shirts are not appropriate
  • Students may wear official SASB school apparel
    • The building principal will determine the circumstances in which SASB non-collared apparel may be worn


  • Footwear must be worn at all times during the school day
  • Footwear must follow all safety standards
  • No flip-flops

Other Apparel

In addition to the items specified above, the following guidelines regarding clothing and accessories must be observed. Please note that any clothing that causes a disruption to the educational process is destructive to school property, or is a threat to safety and health is prohibited. The below list may not be all inclusive.

  • Hats, headgear, headphones, bandannas, sunglasses, etc. are not to be worn in the building or during extra-curricular activities, unless part of a required sports team in which the student participates in and has approval of athletic director/coach. Headphones may be worn only if student is required to wear as a result of a written I.E.P or 504 Plan.
  • Layering of clothing is permitted only with the collared shirt remaining on top
  • Pants that have rips, tears, holes, or shreds are not appropriate
  • ALL pants must be worn at the waistline; students MUST wear belts if necessary to keep garment at the waistline.
  • Tops and pants that reveal the midriff or undergarments are prohibited (this includes underwear or gym shorts).
  • Jackets, coats, or other forms of outerwear are not to be worn in hallways, common areas or classrooms.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Belts that are unfastened or anything dangling from the waist or pockets such as chains, ropes, rages, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  • Jewelry may be worn during the day unless students are instructed to remove it for gym or other trades classes. Jewelry that creates an unsafe situation or causes a disruption will not be allowed. Large, gaudy jewelry is not appropriate.
  • Clothing and accessories signifying gang-related activities, slogans, colors, etc, are not appropriate.
  • Obscene, offensive, inappropriate writing on pins, buttons, jewelry, or other items is not permitted. Any image or language disrespectful of human life is not appropriate.
  • Theatrical and exotic stage-style makeup is not permitted.
  • Students must leave back packs or large purses in their lockers upon entering school. Such items are to remain in the student’s locker until end of day dismissal.

Exceptions to dress code are made for those students in a trades class that requires career appropriate dress and are to be worn only for that trade class. Any other dress code exceptions must have administrative approval in advance.

Staff reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress does not meet the dress code.