Special Education

Director of Special Education

Sam Ells
574-299-9800 ext. 1607

Career Academy and Success Academy South Bend Special Education Department

The Career Academy and Success Academy Special Education Department believes in providing learning experiences that align with the school’s mission and vision to allow our students the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging, respect, personal value, engagement, and grit.

Along with academic standards, the Special Education Department develops skills that are necessary for our students to have the same opportunities as their general education peers. These skills are termed, pillar skills.

The following pillar skills represent the foundation for our students' success:

  • Executive Functioning, a set of mental processes that helps connect past experiences with present action. People use it to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space.
  • Communication, the act of transferring information through the written word, verbal messages, and/or non-verbal signals.
  • Critical Thinking, the mental process of conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion
  • Social/Soft Skills, the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other in harmony both verbally and non-verbally through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Students will develop soft/social skills to prepare themselves for effectively engaging in the 21st Century.

These skills are necessary for success as our students move on to post high school, college and career endeavors.


Success Academy South Bend

Sara Timm- Special Education Teacher
- stimm@successacademysb.com

Jessica Strychalski- Special Education Teacher
- stychalski@successacademysb.com

Erica Hegedus- Special Education Teacher
- ehegedus@successacademysb.com

Katie O’Dell- Special Education Teacher
- kodell@careeracademysb.com

Princessa Mills- Special Education Teacher
- pmills@careeracademysb.com

Shannon Kucharski- Speech Language Pathologist
- skucharski@careeracademysb.com

Career Academy South Bend

Audi Anglin- Special Education Teacher
- aanglin@careeracademysb.com

Scott Eckert- Special Education Teacher
- seckert@careeracademysb.com

Kymberly Wyse- Special Education Teacher
- kwyse@careeracademysb.com

Amie Nowak- Special Education Teacher
- anowak@careeracademysb.com

Lonette Annen- Speech Language Pathologist
- lannen@careeracademysb.com