Welcome to Success Academy

  • Our Mission

    At Success Academy, it is our goal to create an environment that develops a sense of belonging, respect, personal value, engagement, and grit in students. We strive to instill in our students the ability to succeed by establishing and maintaining an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

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  • Departments and Programs

    At Success Academy, we offer many programs. These include our Microsoft IT Academy, Biomedical Sciences program, Project Lead the Way program, our engineering and design program, as well as advanced manufacturing and welding programs in higher grade levels. These are just a few of the exciting and comprehensive programs we offer at our schools. Schedule a tour to come see for yourself!

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  • Tuition-free

    We believe education is one of the most valuable things we can give our children today. We are constantly removing barriers from the learning process. One of the first and foremost barriers to many things is cost. We are able to offer a full education at our schools at no cost to the student and their family.

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  • Great Outcomes

    Our students don’t only receive a high-quality education at Success Academy; they learn life-skills and become leaders in their communities. With the motivation and skills they develop at Success Academy, there is no telling what they are capable in years to come.

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Our Mission

To curate an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that develops a sense of belonging, respect, personal value, engagement and grit.

At Success Academy, we instill in students the will and ability to succeed. Students pursue their goals in an inspiring environment that values diversity, creativity, respect and the free exchange of ideas.


At Success Academy South Bend, our mission is to remove barriers to learning for each and every student. Our students thrive in this environment and are able to develop their skills and maximize their potential.

Real-World Learning

Our students use hands-on and project-based learning each and every day.

Extraordinary Students

Our students learn to lead and innovate in their daily lives.

Great Partnerships

We place high value on our community partnerships with area businesses and organizations.


A Success Academy education is offered to students with no academic cost.

Great Career Opportunities

With our connections to businesses, students have many career options as they graduate.

Excellent Staff

Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure each student has the highest access to learning.