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  • Math Support at Success Academy

    Riverbend Math Studio supports student learning of math, from those working on multiplication and division to those struggling with their calculus homework. This is a free program for people of all ages, providing STEM enrichment as well as math help. Interested students may drop in for a visit or contact us at (574) 222-1515 or hello@riverbendmath.org. The first time a minor attends, a parent must come along to sign paperwork. Students below sixth grade are asked to complete an interview so that we may place them in a class.

    Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday 5-7pm

Why Charter Schools?

Our Students

Develop a realistic notion of what a work and career life is like and are fully engaged in the hand-on experience of project based and collaborative learning. Each student is encouraged to be resilient to overcome challenges, adversity and have a healthy, dependable work ethic.

Our Teachers

Guide students through self-directed learning and facilitate the creation of opportunities for students to experience success and discovery. Our exceptional staff and faculty teach the whole child by mentoring students to be innovative, flexible, and inclusive of all students and community members. We teach more than content knowledge. We teach students how to learn.

Our Administration

The Success Academy’s Administrative staff has years of experience and talent and are poised to positively disrupt, reform and improve the overall education system.

Our Mission

To curate an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that develops a sense of belonging, respect, personal value, engagement and grit.

At Success Academy, we instill in students the will and ability to succeed. Students pursue their goals in an inspiring environment that values diversity, creativity, respect and the free exchange of ideas.

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